Commitment Contracts (stakes)

How does staking work?

For any action, you can specify an amount that completion of that action is worth. Based on your goal and action criteria, we will calculate the number of times that action will need to be completed between now and the end of your goal. From this we calculate the total amount at stake. This total amount will be immediately deducted from your bank account.


How do I earn my money back?

Each time you report successful completion and progress towards your goal through your TODO list, you earn the specified amount back. If you complete all actions required during your goal period then you receive the full amount back.


When and how do I receive my money back?

At the end of your goal the amount you have earned back will be transferred back to the account we received it from within 5 working days.


How do I make a Commitment Contract (Stake)?
Create an account, login, and click the “Create Goal” button located on the dashboard. During the Goal creation process, you will have the opportunity to fully customize a commitment. Choose a start and end date, add a referee, put money on the line (Stakes),  it’s all up to you!


Can I change/or cancel my commitment contact (stake)?

The very nature of a commitment contract means that there are only some details that you will be able to change after you’ve created your commitment contract. After you have created your commitment, you will be able to add a referee to your commitment. All other details of your contract cannot be changed.

Remember that a commitment contracts is binding and that you must stick to the goal you set. For this reason, please make sure that you have the ability to fulfill your commitment before creating it. Contact us directly if an error occurred during the commitment creation process.

I made a mistake when creating my commitment contract (stake).
Don’t worry, it happens! We all make mistakes. If you find that you need to change something about your commitment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to assist. Click here to contact us.
How do I delete my commitment contract (stake)?
The nature of a commitment contract, means that we do not usually allow users to delete a commitment contract once it begins. We make a promise to hold you to your word, and we intend to keep it. However, if medical or personal reasons, or an extenuating circumstance prevents you from being able to continue with your Commitment Contract, click here to send us a message and we will be happy to help.
Can I join without making a commitment contract?
Of course. You don’t need to make a commitment to join and enjoy all of the additional services that we offer.


What is the reporting period for my goals?

You have three days from the due date of your actions to report them as complete. Due dates and reporting periods are at midnight at the end of the due date. For Example, if the due date is 10th May. You have until the last second in the 10th of May to complete your report.


How do I report?
To submit a report, navigate to your “TODO” list. There you will see a list of the currently due actions (including those that fall within the 3 day grace period). Clicking on any due item will allow you to report that you have either succeeding in meeting your goal or failed.


What if I can’t report on the day my report is due?
Don’t worry! Each reporting period provides an additional 3 day grace period to report. If you are unable to report by midnight on your reporting day, your grace period will begin and you can report on your due items as normal within the 3 day grace period.


What constitutes an unsuccessful report?
Any of the following results in an unsuccessful report:
(a) You report that you have not kept your commitment; or
(b) The Referee that you designated reports that you have not kept your commitment; or
(c) You fail to submit your report within the 3 day window from the due date


What happens if I am unsuccessful?
If you have placed a stake, the amount a successful report was worth will be deducted from the amount that you can still earn back by the end of your goal date.

You can view the results of each reporting period on your commitment contract details page.


What happens if I complete my goals or actions early?
Fantastic! If you reach complete your goal or action early, you can continue to report each week through the end date or you can always Contact Us.
If I don’t meet my goal or action, can I make up what I didn’t complete  in the next reporting period?
Goal and action setup is designed to allow for attainable periodic progress. We do this to make sure that you always have a chance to be successful while being realistic and safe regarding the progress you can make. We therefore don’t allow you to ‘make up’ for failed reports.

Accountability Partners / Accountability Buddies

What is an accountability partner?
An accountability partner is an individual that you select to monitor and verify the progress of your commitment contract. The accountability partner can be anyone you want; a friend, your spouse or even your boss. Every time you submit a report, your accountability partner receives a notification asking them for confirmation of the report’s accuracy. Your accountability partner may choose to take your word for it, or ask you for proof that you kept your commitment.
Do I need an accountability partner?
You know yourself best. If you trust yourself to stay on task and be honest in your reporting then you don’t need an accountability partner. However, choose this option if you think you might be tempted to fudge the truth!
Can I change or remove my accountability partner?
You can change or remove your accountability partner up until they accept your invitation. Once your accountability partner has accepted your invitation however, you will have to contact us to make a change.

How do I submit an accountability partner report?

To submit an accountability partner report, click the “Partner” tab in the app and then the user that you want to report for. You’ll see a list of items waiting for your approval. Simply click an item and you will be able to approve or reject.

How long do I have to report?
Accountability partners are given a seven day grace period from the due date of the action or goal to complete their reports.